Bachelorette Party!

Well this weekend was an absolute blast. It was truly everything I’d ever dreamed my bachelorette party would be. Early Friday afternoon, Kandi and Kelly picked me up (they pulled up with rap music blasting, and bachelorette stickers and flags all over the car) and we drove a few hours to Palm Springs. We were so impressed with the adorable house when we pulled up. Jess has a connection, and was able to get us the place for the weekend. It was a three bedroom house right on the golf course.

After Kandi had set up a little bit, we went to Trader Joe’s down the street and bought a bunch of food and wine for the night. When we got back the other girls arrived. Stephanie drove from Temecula, and Jessica came from the LA airport where she picked up Brittney and Chelsea (they came from San Francisco.) Melanie arrived later that evening from Temecula also. Friday night we enjoyed sitting on the patio with a glass of wine, chatting and trying to soak up the warm air. (It’s been an especially cool, overcast summer for those of us along the coast.)

Friday ended up being one big slumber party complete with food, games, gifts and prizes. I don’t think I ever laugh as much as I do when I’m with these girls!

The next morning, we woke up and went to breakfast at this adorable restaurant right along “the river” which was very close to where we were staying.

Afterwards, we headed to River Nails where we got manicures and pedicures. After that, we spent most of the afternoon at the pool! It was so refreshing to lounge around on a hot sunny day in my bathing suit with my closest friends.

And, I even got to wear  my “bride” visor that Chelsea passed down to me 🙂 I’ll have to pass it down to the next of our friends to get engaged…

After a day in the hot desert sun, it was delightful to be greeted by an air conditioned house. We all took short naps, and then it was time to get ready for dinner 🙂 Kandi made sure that I had all the cheesy, traditional gear before our night out. I had a huge ring that flashed a blue light when I turned it on, a bachelorette sash, and a tiara/veil.

Chels just got married a few weeks ago!!

Dinner at Don Diego’s was a blast! Kevin, Johnny and his boyfriend Joe met us for dinner. The food was great, and the girls even coerced me into having a strawberry margarita 🙂

Also, a few of the girls bet me that if I had TWO alcoholic drinks that they would go streaking through the golf course later that night. (Yes, we are in our late twenties and not our teens.) So after dinner, we went across the street to The Yard House, where I took my first shot!!! Man, was it strong…but I think as far as shots go, one with whipped cream and chocolate is the way to go 🙂

Man, what a face…

Needless to say, a few of the girls had to “pay up” and sure enough, hopefully no one saw two half-naked girls running through the golf course 🙂

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