Well, our day in Paris could not have been better (maybe longer) but not better! The train ride there was beautiful (snowy fields mostly) and pretty quick (about 1.5 hours) and the first thing we did when we arrived was find lunch. We came across a cute Italian place, and the service was so friendly and the food was amazing. Brandon said they had the best lasagna he’s ever had (although we were pretty starving at this point.) We enjoyed the warmth of the restaurant and watched the city from the windows.  Here is a photo I took of the restaurant later that evening before we left.

After lunch, we walked down to the Metro and made our way over to the Louvre. I loved using the Metro, and wish that we had more public transportation options at home. It was so quick, easy and inexpensive. Arriving at the Louvre was amazing! Brandon and I had both seen the outside of it previously, but we were so impressed by the size inside! We only had a few hours and were only able to see one of the three wings. It could have easily taken all day to see the whole thing. I was most excited about the Mona Lisa 🙂 I’ve heard that it can be kind of anti-climactic so I pictured it on the smaller size however I thought it was a normal size painting. I wish that we could have gotten closer to it, but they had it roped off. Afterwards, we played in the rain outside by the fountains and the famous glass pyramids 🙂

Afterwards, we got back on the Metro and headed towards the Eiffel tower. We found a park right along the Seine River and took a few pictures of the Eiffel tower at night. It was gorgeous outside and it was raining, and then the Eiffel tower started sparkling. It was truly a perfect night!! Here is one of the many cheesy photos we took 🙂

Afterward, we had a reallllllly good kebab sandwich from this kebab place and then headed back to the Gare de Nord train station. ALL of the trains were delayed due to the weather! So we didn’t end up getting home until almost 1:30 am. We fell fast asleep immediately!!

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