Snowed in!

Well, we woke to find that it had stormed while we slept and continued to do so all morning and day! Our plan was to take the car downtown and explore but we felt a little nervous about driving a car that isn’t ours, in a city we aren’t familiar with, and driving rules that are completely different. Plus, we watched quite a few cars struggle to make it up hills because of the slippery streets and figured we would play it safe. The snow was really coming down! It was so nice to lay around in pajamas and watch movies while the snow fell right outside the window 🙂

Here, is a picture from the bathroom window…

It stopped snowing aound 4pm and Brandon (who had cabin fever) bundled up and walked to find where our Metro stop was — we’ll be using it to take us to the train station to Paris tomorrow. It’s surprisingly warmer today, maybe low 30’s as opposed to 19 degrees yesterday. Turns out the Metro is only about a 25 minute walk, which isn’t bad if the temperature stays in the 30’s! Fingers crossed that it’s not too snowy in Paris as we’d like to walk around quite a bit. If it’s storming, we’ll spend more time in the Louvre and cafes 🙂

Well, we just made a great dinner (chicken, potatoes and green beans) and now we’re settling in to watch the Charger game in a few hours(Brandon is streaming it online.) He brought his Charger jersey with him because it seems they’ve been winning since he bought it 😉

Well hopefully we’ll have great stories to tell later about our adventure in Paris tomorrow!

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  1. Well, with his Charger jersey, we can’t lose! LOL! We’re watching the game, too, and it’s 21-24 San Diego with 6 minutes left in the game. [crosses fingers]

    The snow looks amazing! Luckily you have recent experience with Tahoe snow (did you bring your snow shoes? Looks like they’d come in handy!) so this should be easy! *Hahaha*

    xxoo Mom

    • Ha! I wish I brought my snow shoes 🙂 But my boots have done the job! The Charger game was such a good one!! We were up until 2am watching it, and it was exciting until the last minute!

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