Day Two in the City

I figured I would add a few pictures to Brandon’s post. These are just a few from walking around the neighborhood yesterday.  Oh and a sign that I thought was an amusing way of indicating a dog park 🙂                 








Well, jet lag is not our friend, and because of it we didn’t wake up until 10. And shoot, we’re on vacation, we can wake up when we want. We eventually got ourselves together and went walking in search of lunch and the nearest metro stop. We did battle with the cold (it was 19 degrees), and the cold won. We only made it like a mile and turned around. In our defense, there was no food in sight yet and we just wanted to eat. We thought maybe we could accomplish more in the car. I went out and swept off the snow and ice and warmed it up and then we went in search of nutrition.







The rules for driving in Belgium are much different. They didn’t even issue driver’s licenses here until the 60s. I think I only got a dirty look once.We didn’t have great luck in the car either looking for food, but we did get a sense of the neighborhood. In the end we got a falafel pita from a little Lebanese take out place. It was really good.

While we were in the take out place we came face to face with the language barrier. Amira wanted a sandwich but ended up with a side of hummus cause she was too embarrased to point to the menu. I got lucky and pointed out that I wanted Falafel, which turned out to be a sandwich. I shared. The man who helped us was very kind. But Amira noticed that he was talking to his friend in Arabic about us. One of the phrases she could understand was “ya harram” (sp? we don’t really know Arabic either) which means “poor thing.” She was a poor thing.

That is all.


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  1. Well, the car is so *huge* I can see why they warned you about it! They are parked rather closely together, though – I’d have to have to parallel park in the snow.

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